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PsychIQ Society

Welcome to the PsychIQ Society, a production of the World Intelligence Network.

Information, presentations, demonstrations, lectures and videos relevant to the psychic phenomena, powers and people will be published here.

You can contribute to this web offering your opinions and comments. Additionally, you can direct your suggestions directly to the administrator of this web

Supervisor of the PsychIQ Society is Dr Jason Betts

3 Responses to “PsychIQ Society”

  1. Greg

    Do you know of any legitimate research studies that correlate psychic ability (e.g. ESP) to IQ aptitude? Personally, on an intutive level, I would think that most psychics are not all that interested in IQ, per se, but rather in becoming a channel for the dissemination of wisdom and insight.

  2. Greg

    Additionally, after studying the lofty thoughts of New Thought minister Dr. Ervin Seale (researcher in the life and practice of Divine Healing via Dr. Quimby), ESP seems to stem from minds nearby, as in a group meeting, e.g. Do you have a feeling response to this observation of Dr. Seale’s (and endorced by Dr. Quimby)?

  3. Johnathan M

    A multivariate study on psychic ability and personality type would be interesting using the MBTI.

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