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Human Being

Okay, let’s look at the Human Being.

We can think. We can feel. We can perceive. We can act.

AND we can also observe ourselves doing all of these things;
we can experience ourselves thinking, we can experience ourselves feeling,
we can experience ourselves perceiving, and we can experience ourselves doing.

This is the fifth trait of our existance, that of Beingness.
A couple of years ago, I created some ‘Pebbles of Zen’ about it, in simple definition forms:

Being is the experience of one’s true self.
Perfection is the expresion of one’s true self.
Perfection lies in being one’s true nature, always.
Be your own nature – honesty is about being true to your self.
To observe one’s self is not the Way, but to act and be one’s nature.
Beingness of experiencing one’s true nature allows simple and perfect expression.
Resistance may arise from problems, suffering and unwanted consequenses.
The Way is the path of least resistance and greatest beingness.

A full set of my 100 Pebbles are here: http://www.emeraldalchemy.com/pebbles_zen

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