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Scope and Introduction

I see this space as a place for the discussion of mind and how mind matters – ‘the conexión of consciousness’ (and our experience of it, called Beingness) – and how ‘consciousness creates’ in this Universe of ours.

I have my own theory of mind which I shall now share with you. It is quite commonsense and understandable in a seven year old way, but interestingly, creates a platform from which I may explain extrasensory phenomena in a logical manner, much like Einstein did when considering the motion and time of light.

Assume, if but for a moment, that ESP of one conscious mind to another is possible, even if the mechanism is not understood. There is much antedotal evidence and some scientific evidence (Dr Dean Radin, IONS), but the mechanism is still a mystery; we only know of some of the observable and testable phenomena. For the discussion of this blog, may I humble suggest we keep the scope to testable phenomena, “because if you can’t measure it, it ain’t science.” (Robert Heinlein, 1970.)

The aim of this Psych.IQ page is to consciously connect the intellectual processes of ESP to the power of IQ,
demonstrating and evaluating the processes (as I see them) so that you may see them too, and see for yourself.

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