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Intelligence Types/Modes

You may be wondering why is there so much already on consciousness and not much on IQ?
Well, here’s part of the answer. Again, it’s just my viewpoint, but some of it makes sense.

I ascertain there are ten major types of intelligence; being:

1. moral – spiritual
2. logical – mathematical
3. lateral – intuitive
4. mechanical – spacial
5. linguistic – auditory
6. creative – artistic
7. musical – auditory
8. mnemonic – mental
9. emotional – personal
10. kinesthetic – physical

I also believe there are 4 Modes of Intelligence, in that, the higher your IQ, the better you can do these things:

Consciousness self-awareness, introspection, inner-talk, self-judgement, external point of view
Cognition learning, thinking, solving, realising, understanding, teaching, knowing wisdom
Aptitude application of knowledge, creating new applications, adaptation, new inventions
Beauty appreciation of aesthetics, patterns, artistic expression, emotional communication

The first one, Consciousness, is like a measure of one’s ability to power the rest of the workings of the mind.
To wit, the higher one’s IQ, the more likey one is to be vegetarian, practise a refined moral code and be nice.
The lower one’s IQ, the more mental focus is based on the lower Maslowian levels of survival and security,
rather than the higher levels of personal achievement, greater societial benefit and a more refined spirituality.

The aim of this Psych.IQ page is to consciously connect the intellectual processes of ESP to the power of IQ,
demonstrating and evaluating the processes (as I see them) so that you may see them too, and see for yourself.

3 Responses to “Intelligence Types/Modes”

  1. Peace.

    I came across your website and I felt maybe we have something in common! I too probe the mysteries of the Universe with my different modes of thought, perception and some other “mode” I do not yet properly understand.

  2. Greg

    You are beginning to surpass Paul C. in the number of IQ societies generated. ;0-

  3. What about VISUAL ?

    I have no IQ score because my scores fell above the test score range (tested by a licensed tester with the state)

    My whole experience of the world is visual- Physically-as in observing everything in acute detail and also mental visualization. I invent things by fabricating them in my mind.

    Its to the point of being flawed- math problems appear as money in my mind which works until you need a 3rd of something.

    I can make anything out of anything because I see things for their potential use and not what they are sold for.

    My biggest challenge is trying to show people things I’m able to detect but they can’t. (and no- I don’t suffer from hallucinations) I can’t understand why they cant see things as easily as I can. Its more than eye site- it has to do with perception processing. Its like I see in 3D.

    I have Visual/perceptual intelligence

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